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Our new feature (Beta) - Streaming Avatar

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Get ready to chat with your HeyGen avatar! We have recently released our cutting-edge Streaming Avatar API, currently designed especially for our technically adept audience. If you're someone who wants to build your own real-time interactive experiences using HeyGen avatars, the Streaming API gives you the building blocks to do so.


Who Should Be Excited About Streaming Avatar?

While anyone can try the Streaming Avatar experience, some coding is required to implement it into your own app. We have a Github project that anybody can download and use to get started building with the Streaming API.​

What Is A Streaming Avatar?

A Streaming Avatar is a HeyGen Avatar that can repeat text with low latency. You can think of it like a Facetime or Skype call: once the session is opened, the Avatar appears on the screen, standing and waiting to be told what to say. When you combine this capability with a Large Language Model such as ChatGPT, the Streaming Avatar can appear to interact with and hold a conversation with users, to perform any number of helpful roles.


Pricing and Availability

The Streaming Avatar API is free to try for Creator and Teams users. If you'd like to know more about production usage of the Streaming Avatar API, please reach out to our sales team on the pricing page or at [email protected]

For the Developers: Dive into the GitHub Demo

For those ready to get their hands dirty, we've made a public GitHub project available at Streaming Avatar GitHub Project. Utilize the Trial Token found in your Space Settings as your HeyGen API key to freely experiment with this demo. Please note, during the trial, you're limited to 3 concurrent sessions while in this trial stage. To scale your usage, reach out for an enterprise usage-based plan setup.

Creating a Streaming Avatar from a Finetune or Studio avatar

If you are creating an Instant or Studio avatar to later upgrade to Streaming, please note that the effect of a continuously active Avatar accentuates any hand, eye, or head movements that are captured as part of your Avatar footage. We recommend keeping your hands and head especially still when recording an avatar to later upgrade to streaming, except for 'micro movements', and looking directly into the camera, without excessive blinking or looking away from the camera."

Selecting Streaming Avatars

Feel free to explore the "Select Avatar" section to choose from multiple avatar options. For those with compatible avatars, there's a one-time fee option to make them usable with our API, ensuring that both finetuned Instant Avatars and Studio Avatars can be upgraded for streaming.

Connecting ChatGPT to the Streaming API

The flexibility of the Streaming API means that should you prefer to use your own OpenAI API Key, our GitHub demo facilitates this, enabling the 'Talk' functionality without the need for direct text sending from an LLM to our Streaming API.


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