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How to create your instant avatar

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Creating an Avatar with HeyGen is an exciting journey that blends cutting-edge technology with your unique expressions and voice. Whether you're opting for an Instant Avatar or seeking a more customized creation, this guide will help you navigate the process, ensuring a seamless experience and impressive results.

Introduction to HeyGen Avatars

HeyGen offers a platform where users can create digital avatars using their own expressions, voice, and personal touches. These avatars can be used for various purposes, including presentations, tutorials, and digital content creation, providing a personalized and engaging way to communicate with audiences.

How to create your own Instant Avatar?

Creating your Instant Avatar : 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Review Recording Requirements

  • Before creating your avatar, it's crucial to understand the recording requirements. High-quality video and audio are essential for creating a lifelike avatar that truly represents you.

Step 2:Upload Footage

  • Go to HeyGen and click the button "Create Instant Avatar". Upload your footage according to the guidelines provided. This includes ensuring the right format, resolution, and adherence to any specific requirements for expressions or gestures.

Step 3:Creation and Delivery

  • The Instant Avatar creation process takes 5 mins. 😉 Once it's done, we'll send you an email and add the custom Avatar to your HeyGen account. You can use your custom Avatar in as many videos as you like with a HeyGen subscription plan.

Step 4:Upgrade finetune version (Optional)

  • You just need to click the 'Finetune' button in the top-right corner of your instant avatar to purchase the finetune service and upgrade the instant avatar to a finetune avatar. After 8-12 hours, your new finetune avatar will be deployed to your account.

    Recording Tips for the Best Results

    Audio Recording Tips

    Expression and Environment

    • Emotion in Speech: Exaggerate your emotions when speaking. The recorded excitement is toned down by 30% in the final voice clone, so being overly emotional ensures a lively and engaging avatar voice. Over the top emotion in the audio recording is extremely important to recording a non-’robotic’ voice clone.

    video link:

    • Recording Environment: Record in a quiet space to minimize background noise. Background humming sounds and ambient noise can cause distortion to the final voice clone.


    • Audio Quality: Use high-quality audio equipment for recording. The better the audio quality, the more realistic and clear your voice clone will be.

    Video Recording Tips

    Equipment and Setting

    • Camera Quality: Use professional cameras for the best quality. However, high-quality mobile phones or webcams are also acceptable.

    • Environment: Choose a quiet space with good lighting. This ensures clarity and avoids unnecessary shadows or glare.

Recording Techniques

  • Duration: Record a speech of at least 2 minutes without interruptions.

  • Resolution: Aim for 1080p for higher avatar resolution. For even better results, 4K at 60FPS is recommended.

  • Continuity: Do not edit or cut the footage mid-way. Ensure it's a continuous shot for consistency.

  • Stability: Avoid walking or excessive movement. Keep head movements minimal and maintain natural body language.

  • Eye Contact: Maintain direct eye contact with the camera. Avoid looking around to ensure a focused and engaging avatar.

  • Hand Movements: Keep hand movements below chest level and refrain from raising them too high.

  • Pausing: Implement pauses with lips closed:

    • 2-3 seconds at the start.

    • 1-2 seconds in the middle between long sentences.

    The Consent Statement

    • For users who need to make Instant Avatar, we require them to be in front of the camera and record the consent in real time. An example is given as follows:

      • I, John Doe, allow HeyGen to use the footage of me to build a HeyGen Avatar for use on the HeyGen platform.

    🤩 Use cases

    • By following our official account, you can learn more about various methods of video creation!

    Video link:

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use the Avatar ?

    • To use the Avatar, subscribe to one of our packages to earn credits, and then use those credits to generate videos using Avatar.

    What is the price of HeyGen Avatar?

    For any additional questions or assistance, feel free to contact us anytime at: [email protected]

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