Why is my Video Pending or Rejected
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In order to maintain the standardization of the Heygen community, we have implemented a content detection mechanism. If your video content contains certain words or phrases, it may be flagged by the system as potentially dangerous and be marked as "rejected" or "pending".

To avoid triggering this mechanism, we recommend checking out the link below for more detailed information - community guidelines

We also suggest creating your own instant avatar before creating your video (available to paid users only). This way, the chances of being rejected or pending will decrease, and your approval rate will significantly improve, resulting in faster processing times.

If your video is "Pending" please wait for the automatic moderation review to finalize, many "Pending" videos are ultimately approved & our support team cannot expedite this process for you.

If your video has been "Rejected" kindly review the moderation policy above & reach out to us with details about the video including; confirming your account email, the video ID, & details about the videos purpose & we can offer a manually review of the content.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to helping keep the HeyGen community safe!

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