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HeyGen Generative Outfit - Instructions
HeyGen Generative Outfit - Instructions
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💥 What is Generative Outfit ?

  • Our Generative Outfit feature enables prompt-based clothing changes using advanced generative AI technology.

  • Allows users to input text describing the desired outfit, and the AI will make requested changes to the outfit. 👚

  • A paid add-on specifically designed for Studio Avatar(beta version , limited access), providing enhanced functionality and customization options.

🔥 How to create your Studio Avatar with Generative Outfit enabled ?

  • The shooting requirements are generally consistent with those of Studio Avatar 👈, but there are a few additional points to note:

    • Do not wear clothes with collars. It's best to wear round-necked 👕 clothing.

    • Hand movements should not exceed the level of the chest.

    • Please tidy up your scattered hair and refrain from letting it fall onto your shoulders.

    • Currently, Generative Outfit only supports a close-up view. 🙍‍♂️ If half-body footage is submitted, we will crop the video.

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

What are the requirements for the model's clothing?

  • Do not wear clothes with collars. It's best to wear round-necked clothing.

  • If you need to film, you must wear clothes without collars, such as T-shirts.

How to upgrade the Studio Avatar ➡️ Generative Outfit?

  • If your footage meets our clothing production requirements, you only need to contact our email [ [email protected] ] and pay the upgrade fee.

  • If your footage does not meet our clothing production requirements, you can re-shoot new footage and send them to us, and only pay the upgrade fee.

Is there a limit to the number of outfit avatars that can be generated?

  • You can input any keywords to change the clothing, but please note that only 10 sets of clothes can be saved as outfit Avatars.

  • This means that you can generate unlimited outfits for use, but you can only store up to ten outfits at a time. You can delete old outfits to make room for new ones.

How to use your Outfit Avatar with HeyGen?

If you have any questions , please contact us anytime at: [email protected]

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