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Motion Avatar Advanced Instructions
Motion Avatar Advanced Instructions

Follow the instructions to get the best result for a Motion Avatar!

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🎉 Welcome to HeyGen In Motion Avatar Creation!

We’re excited to help you create your very own avatar! To ensure it looks and performs its best, follow these friendly and simple guidelines when shooting your video footage. Our AI needs specific conditions to work its magic and generate an accurate avatar.

⚙️📋 Technical Specifications

  • Video Length: Aim for at least 3 minutes of footage

  • Resolution: Use 4K for the best quality. Turn on your camera/ smartphone’s “cinematic” mode if available. You can use the front selfie camera or have someone film you using the high-resolution back camera.

  • Camera Position: Keep your head centered in the frame at all times.

  • Lighting: Use soft, even lighting to avoid shadows. Natural light or softbox lights work best.

  • Background: Make sure no other faces are in the shot – just you!

🎥 Movement and Positioning

  • Head Position: Your head should remain in the center of the screen. Avoid quick or sudden movements.

  • Face Visibility: Keep your face visible at all times. Do not cover your mouth with your hands or any objects.

  • Angle: Try and keep a front-facing angle. You can slightly turn your head up to 30 degrees, but front-facing is recommended.

  • Stability: Avoid shaking the camera. Use a tripod or stabilize your phone to ensure a steady shot.

😃 Actions and Expressions

  • Speaking: Speak naturally and clearly. Make sure your lips are visible.

  • Movement: Feel free to sit, stand, or walk, but keep your face in the frame and well-lit.

  • Expression: Use a variety of facial expressions to give the AI more data to work with.

💡 Additional Tips

  • Sound: Clear audio is crucial. Use a Bluetooth mic for better voice quality.

  • Clothing: Wear solid colors to avoid distractions. Try and avoid patterns that can cause visual noise.

  • Environment: Choose a quiet space with consistent lighting.

🚫 Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Fast Movements: Avoid quick movements to keep the footage clear.

  • Poor Lighting: Steer clear of backlighting or harsh shadows.

  • Camera Angle: Keep the camera level with your face – don’t tilt it excessively.

📝 Here are some script Ideas you can talk about!

  1. Daily Routine

  2. Favorite Hobby

  3. Travel Experiences

  4. Personal Growth Journey

  5. Favorite Books/Movies

  6. Memorable Childhood Stories

  7. Life Lessons Learned

  8. Dream Job or Career Aspirations

  9. Favorite Recipes and Cooking Tips

🎯 More Master Tips for Creating Your Avatar

  • Tailor to Your Use Cases: Act out specific scenarios you’ll use your avatar for, like presentations, vlogs, or customer service.

  • Maintain Consistency: Keep your expressions, tone, and gestures consistent to help the AI learn your mannerisms.

  • Optimize Your Setup: Use the best lighting, background, and camera settings for high-quality footage.

  • Variety in Expression: Show a range of emotions and expressions for a richer dataset.

  • Take Your Time: Don’t rush. Speak clearly, move naturally, and capture your unique traits accurately. Remember, you can redo your avatar up to 5 times, so make the most of it!

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