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What are Proofread & Upload SRT
What are Proofread & Upload SRT

This article talks about how Enterprise users can utilize features like Proofread & Upload SRT to achieve higher quality translation results

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For users who have high bar for the translation accuracy, HeyGen Enterprise accounts can access additional features within the Video Translate tool.

Script Proofread: You can now preview the script after translation and make modifications in advance. Just upload your video and click the 'Generate Proofread' button allowing you to proof read the script. Our service will automatically analyze and translate the dialogue text and structure in your video, while also managing speaker recognition, even for videos with multiple speakers. You can then select the preferred voice for each speaker, enabling you to fine-tune the audio details and enhance the viewing experience of the translated video.

SRT Upload - To enhance the accuracy of your translated content, you can upload the original subtitle files before starting the proofreading process. Additionally, you have the option to edit the translated scripts on the Proofread page. This allows you to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translated script before completion.

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