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How to remove your Content ID claim in Youtube?
How to remove your Content ID claim in Youtube?
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When you choose music from Plxabay as video background music, sometimes you will

get content ID claims from YouTube if they upload this kind of video.

Content ID claims will cause the following problems:

  1. Block content from being viewed.

  2. Monetize content by running ads on it and sometimes sharing revenue with the uploader.

  3. Track the viewership statistics on the content.

You can see more information about content ID here: Youtube Content ID

So, how can we remove it? (original article from Pixabay)

Step 0 Get License (Prepare the material)

  • Search the name of the music in Plxabay, download the license.

Step 1

  • Go to youtube, choose the video, Click "See Details” in video that has "content ID claim" in Youtube.

Step 2

  • Click Select Action, and a menu will appear. Under Do you have rights to this content?, click Dispute.

  • Tick My dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above. I would still like to dispute this Content ID claim.

  • Then, click Continue.

Step 3

  • Tick License: I have permission or a license to use the content claimed in my video

  • Click Continue.

  • Tick the license box: I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner.

Step 4

  • Copy and paste the license from the .txt license file you downloaded from Pixabay.

  • Next, if you agree, tick all three boxes under Please review the statements below and check the boxes to agree.

  • Then, enter your full name in the Signature box and click Submit.

Once you submit the dispute, the claim will be cleared within 96 hours at most.

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