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Still Avatar Advance Instructions
Still Avatar Advance Instructions

Here you can find some advanced and detailed instructions to create your Still avatar

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When creating your Still avatar, we offer two options to record your footage:

  • Upload a Google Drive or local video file

  • Record with your computer's webcam

Please keep in mind that uploading your footage from a higher quality camera is the better option to create a higher quality avatar.

๐ŸŽฌ Filming Tips

  1. Camera Quality: Use professional cameras for the best results. Mobile phones or webcams can also work.

  2. Environment: Choose a quiet space with good lighting.

  3. Video Length: Record at least one 2-minute long uninterrupted speech.

  4. Resolution: We recommend filming in 1080p for higher avatar quality. 4K at 60FPS is even better.

  5. Continuous Shot: Do not edit or cut the footage in the middle. It should be a continuous shot.

  6. Stability: Stand still and avoid sudden head motions or unnatural body movements. Be natural and calm. Your avatar will perform exactly as you do.

  7. Eye Contact: Maintain direct eye contact with the camera at all times. Avoid looking around or up and down during the recording.

  8. Hand Movements: Keep hand movements below chest level and avoid raising them above your chest.

  9. Pauses: Take pauses with lips closed between sentences and look at the camera.

  • 2-3 second pause at the start of the video.

  • 1-2 second pause in the middle between long sentences.

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