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HeyGen SSO Tutorial (Azure)
HeyGen SSO Tutorial (Azure)

Help customers set Azure SSO

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Function Introduction

Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to log in once and access all mutually trusted application systems in a multi-application environment. Once users enable this feature and complete the configuration in the management backend, they can choose to directly log in to Heygen using SSO

Setup Instruction

Step 1 - Create A New App in Azure

Click Azure Active Directory in Azure

Click Enterprise Applications

Click All Applications

Click New Application at the top

Click Create your own application at the top

Input HeyGen as name and click create

Click Single sign-on and SAML

Click Edit

Input Identifier and Reply URL

For URL B: You can find it on Heygen

Click SSO and Turn on SSO, then copy the URL and fill it in URL B

Fill in the 2 URLs and click Save

Find Attributes&Claims, then click Edit

Click Add new claim

Fill in Name with email and Source attribute with user.mail, and then save

Step 2 - Assign Users

Click Assign users and groups

Click Add user/group

Click None Selected to add users

Click Assign

Step 3 - Get Setup Instructions

Find the following A/B/C in the Single sign-on Page. Then download and open C with notebook to get the content in C

Step 4 - Configure HeyGen SSO

On HeyGen SSO page,fill in the three parameter information obtained from Okta and click save

Step 5 - Sign in HeyGen using SSO

Click SSO in the login page

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