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How to use Screen Recording in HeyGen?
How to use Screen Recording in HeyGen?
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Screen Recording Entrance:

Accessing the Screen Recording Feature

HeyGen provides a screen recording feature that is both free and user-friendly.

  • To access this feature, click 'Labs' and then select 'Screen Recording' on the right side. You don't need to make extra purchases or add credits to use this feature.

Understanding the Recording Options

Once you've clicked 'Screen Recording,' you'll be directed to a dedicated recording page.

Here, you'll find three recording window options:

  • Chrome Tab: This option allows you to record a specific webpage. It's ideal for capturing online resources, tutorials, or web-based content.

  • Window: This option is perfect for recording a specific window on your computer. You can record meetings, webinars, or any application-specific activity.

  • Entire screen: This option enables you to record everything visible on your screen. It's a comprehensive way to capture wide-ranging content.

Starting Your Recording

Click the 'Share' button to start recording after selecting your preferred recording window.

As you act, you will notice a 'Stop Sharing' option at the top of your screen. You can stop the recording at any point using this feature.

Additionally, you can navigate back to the screen recording interface. In this section, you will find extra controls such as 'Retake,' 'Pause,' and 'Done.' After completing the recording, you can download the file or save it directly to your HeyGen assets for future reference.

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