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Uploading and Managing Assets Made Easy
Uploading and Managing Assets Made Easy
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Asset Entrance

Uploading your assets to HeyGen is a breeze.

  • Navigate to Assets -> Upload, or Drag and Drop your files.

While your files upload, take this opportunity to relax โ€“ you're well on your way to creating engaging content!

Remember that uploaded assets have specific file formats and size restrictions, so reviewing these before preparing your files is crucial.

Managing Assets with HeyGen Folders

As you accumulate assets, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of organizing them. HeyGen offers an easy-to-use folder organization system which makes managing this task easier.

  • Moving your files into the appropriate folders ensures your library stays organized and easy to navigate.

You can toggle between list view and card view.

The flexibility provided enables you to browse through your library most conveniently. You have the option to select multiple files simultaneously for deletion or relocation, which enhances the efficiency of asset management.

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